Why are celebrations celebrated with a cake?

For birthdays, a children’s party, the first day your son took his first steps, wedding anniversaries, courtships, and the arrival of a relative from abroad. There are a thousand occasions in life that deserve to be celebrated in a special way and often, a delicious sweet is used to celebrate the joy and happiness of the moment. The cake is a safe bet, which everyone likes and shows how special the moment is for everyone, immortalizing it in a photo with the child blowing the candles or with the whole family smiling before starting to eat the cake. Click here for custom birthday cake.

Why is the birthday celebrated with a cake?wedding cake

The origin of the cake as sweet to celebrate birthdays is in the ancestral ceremonies that were made to worship the moon, which was attributed powers over female fertility. The birthday cake is round like the moon and adorned with candles, which remind of the light that this star emits. Visit this site for wedding cake.

Is there something tastier at the emotional and gustative level than sharing a piece of cake? It allows you to share with your family while they talk, enjoy while you eat a delicious dessert that is generally the taste of adults and children!

By custom and tradition, cakes are often made for the family, they are done with care and dedication for special people, it is a gift, a gift from the heart, to share, and the sweet flavor is great for both adults and children. Cakes have evolved to such an extent that they can be of different flavors, shapes, and motives that make it ideal for all occasions.

The history behind celebration with cake

In the culture of classical Greece, small round sweets were offered to the moon with a candle lit as offerings. The Greeks adopted from the Egyptians the custom of celebrating birthdays and the Persians the idea of doing it with sweets. And, like this, this ancestral tradition began.